12/23/10 WOD

New 30 Day clean eating challenge coming in January!  Stay tuned for challenge details.



3 Rounds for time of:

775 Meter Run (5 laps)

30 Double Unders

15 Burpees


MOBILITY WOD– 12/18/10 post


12/22/10 WOD Results


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8 thoughts on “12/23/10 WOD

  1. CHASE – 2:22 on FRAN may be one of the most impressive things I’ve seen since starting CF. Amazing work brother. Simply amazing!

    As a wise man once told me:

    “celebrate your victories! – enjoy the moment —— the moment is over – now get your a$$ back to work!”.

    Really, great job Chase.


  2. Nice work Brother! Sad i have to see your time on the website cause you won’t text me back!! 🙂 No really, that is awesome. All your hard work is paying off, keep it up!!

  3. Chase your a freak! I thought my time of just over and hour was really setting the bar high! I guess not……. way to crush my dreams.

    Does the clean eating challenge mean that you wipe of the twinkie before you eat it? or only if you drop it?

  4. Ok did I miss something? What is the 12 days of Christmas WOD? Someone clue me in so I know what to expect tomorrow or better…who to bring with me 🙂 Open gym until 1:00 right ?

  5. From what I remember from my experience last year, you’ll want to bring a Costco sized bottle of ibuprofen with you and plenty of time to spare. Also, I try not to bring anyone with me. In fact I try to do it when the least amount of people are there because I don’t like others to see me crying…….I don’t remember what they all were but there are 12 different exercises and you repeat them a hecka lot.

    Chase, I don’t remember what my time was but I think you might have beaten me. You’re amazing, just like your sister and your mommy.

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