12/22/11 O-Lifting



A. snatch: technique. work up to about 45-50% and do doubles… focusing on speed and technique. work full lifts. 6-7 working sets of light weight.

B. pulls: take bar to the take off position (1″ above knees) and pause. hold 2 sec…lower bar to floor and repeat. on 3rd rep, pause, then explode without snatching…a sn pull is all you need. focus on finishing!! work up to about 80-85% of your best snatch!! goal here is to work position!

C. good mornings: 3 x 5 reps….focus on staying back. work that posterior chain!

D. weighted sit ups x 50. Holding a 25lb metal plate/ women 10lb metal plate, do 50 parallel GHD sit-ups.

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