12/23/13 WOD


The best Christmas card I have ever received.  Thank you Erica for marrying this lonely man and replacing the cat….I hope.


Mon- Regular Schedule

Tues- Open gym from 6-10am

Wed- Closed

Thursday- Regular Schedule


A.  10×4 Back Squat @67.5%- rest 75-90 sec.

B1.  3 x 5 ME Seated Box Jumps (step down)- sit to smaller box and explode up to highest box possible; rest 60 sec.

B2.  3 x 8 Strict Tempo GH Raises (start at parallel, 3 count up, 3 count down)- rest 60 sec.

C.  10 min AMRAP

155m Sprint

12 Box Jump Overs- 20/16

155m Sprint

12 Pull-ups



A.  12 min to build to a heavy 3RM Pause (3 count at bottom of knee) Snatch

B1.  3 x 10 TnG Deadlift- heavy as possible unbroken; rest 60 sec.

B2.  3 x 10 Ring Rows- feet elevated high then rings; rest 60 sec.

C.  10 min AMRAP of:

100′ Shuttle Run (50′ down,50′ back)

30 Lateral Jumps-16″

100′ Shuttle Run

15 C2B Pull-ups



Alactic Power- speed training, would prefer to do back to back with maximal strength.

Maximal Strength

A.  12×3 Power Clean @65%- rest 45 sec

B.  4 x 10 Deadlift @60%- last set AMAP; rest 2-3 min

C.  Close Grip Bench Press (12″ apart)- 55/65/75% x 5- rest 2 min

D1.  3 x 10-12 Bentover Rows- heaviest possible; rest 60 sec.

D2.  3 x 10-12 RDL’s- heaviest possible; rest 60 sec.


A1.  2 x 10 (each arm) KB St. Leg Sit-ups- rest 60 sec.

A2.  2 x 10 Strict T2B- rest 60 sec.


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