12/28/10 WOD

Scott prowler low

It’s another Birthday Boy!  Happy Birthday Scott, better late then never.  Only the hard workouts for you Mr. Fancy Pants.  Workout courtesy of  Sealfit.com




8 Rounds of each exercise,

40 sec max effort/20 sec rest

Wall Ball- 20/14

Thrusters- 95m/65w

Power Snatch- 95/65

Back Squat- 95/65


* Score will be max reps from start to finish.


MOBILITY WOD– 12/21/10 post


12/27/10 WOD Results



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14 thoughts on “12/28/10 WOD

  1. just wanted to say a big thank you everyone who came to dinner last night. you guys are all awesome. and if you were able to make it will get you next time around

  2. Happy Birthday Scott! You’re the best cheerleader at CF (well next to Dirk) Really though, i appreciate you! You are great! I hope your day is wonderful!!

  3. Happy Birthday FP. You are a great guy and we appreciate all of the extra help you give us.

    Lindsay, Marie told me you had some chiropractor ideas. Any one in particular you would suggest?

  4. Happy birthday Scott!! You were there when I got my first muscle up and I appreciate everything you do. Nice party last night!

    Tyson, I have an EXCELLENT chiropractor right in So. Ogden. Let me know if you’d like his number.

  5. Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for helping me with my first muscle up the other day… You’re awesome.

    Tyson , If you’re going to a Chiropractor you might as well be going to one of your fellow crossfitters. 🙂 Lindsey asked me for some cards today they are on top of the speaker to the right of the board. Take one and give me a call.

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