12/28/13 WOD


A. Teams of 2 complete 3 rounds each (total of 6 rounds per team) of:

10 Deadlifts-225/155

30 Double Unders

20 Knees to Elbow

-while one partner works through the round, the other must hold 2 DB’s fully extended overhead. If Db’s are dropped both partners perform 3 Burpees before resuming their round.


B. 300 AD Cals

*rotate as needed.


A. AMRAP in 6 min

5 Deadlifts -275/185

10 Burpees over BB

50 Double Unders

-rest 4 min, then..

B. AMRAP in 6 min

4 Hang Squat Cleans-185/135

8/6 HSPU

-rest 4 min, then..

C. AMRAP in 6 min

2 Power Snatch-135/85

2 Bar Muscle-ups

4 Power Snatch

4 Bar Muscle-ups

6,6…continue as far as possible.

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