12/3/13 WOD


It’s back, chocolate peppermint recovery!


A. 3 sets, not for time of:

30 sec HS Hold

20-30 sec Hollow Rock

1 KB Snatch + 1 OH Lunge x 3 reps each arm.

B. 3 x 3 Jerk Balance- focus on speed and perfect technique.

C. 5+1+1 Power Clean + jerk- heaviest possible with perfect technique; rest 2 min b/t sets

D. 3 sets for times of:

Row 500m

15 Burpees over the erg

*rest 2 min

-notes- score each split time for row/Burpees


A. 3 sets, not for time of:

HS Walk 10-15m or 15-20 shoulder touches

6-8 Strict Tempo T2B (3 count up, no pause, 3 count down)

8-10 KB Snatch (per arm)

B. 12 min to work to a heavy single Hi-Hang + Push Jerk
*do not work to a maximal attempt focus on speed under and perfect attempts.

C. 5 Rounds for total time of:

50 Double Unders

15 Target Burpees- 6″ above max reach

5 Power Cleans- LI-165/105, LII- 185/120

*rest 1:1

-notes- score total time + weight used.

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