1/24/13 WOD

A lot of people are always asking when I am going to order some more progenex, I usually make an order every other month or as the demand is needed. The good news is you don’t have to wait for me to order you can go directly to our progenex link and receive a discount for your order or go to progenexusa.com and use the code “THECLUB10” to get your discount.


3 Rounds of:

Run 800m

35 Sit-ups

35 Scissor Kicks (4 count)

35 Leg Levers



Every Thursday we will be dedicating that day to work on some kind of mobility or active recovery. You can search mobility wod like the one below for multiple ways to improve position or pain. You could go for a swim, do some yoga, or treat yourself to one of the many fine hot tubs we have…just do something, sitting around feeling sore doesn’t help!

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4 thoughts on “1/24/13 WOD

  1. I can’t open the video. It says it is currently unavailable. Am I missing something? I use to be able to open these, but not on the new app 🙁

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