1/27/14 WOD


Wild West Throwdown teams are set! The Crossfit area will be closed this Friday and Saturday. Come and cheer some of our CFTC peeps compete for last team standing.


A. 5 x 3 Back Squats @ 85%- rest 2-3 min

B. 3 x 10-12 GH Raises- rest 90 sec.

C. 3 rounds for time of:

Row 500m

20 Wall Ball-20/15

20 Pull-ups

*score- Time for part C.


A. 10 min to establish a 2RM Mid- Hang Snatch

B. EMOM for 5 min-

3 Mid-Hang Snatches@85% of max from A.

C1. 3xME C2B Pull-ups-rest 90 sec.

C2. 3×20 (steps) Front Rack Walking Lunges- heavier then last week; rest 90 sec.

D. 10 min to complete

4 Rounds of:

10 STO-135/95

20 T2B

50 Double Unders

-with remainder of the 10 min


Lateral Bar Hop Burpees

*score- A=max mid hang snatch, D= rounds completed + Burpee bar hops

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