1/28/14 WOD

Everyone be sure to send Jen off properly today as she is leaving for a mission to Virginia. It was a pleasure, good luck Jen.


A. EMOM for 8 min

1 Push Jerk- start at approximately 70% of 1RM, increase 10# each minute.

B1. 3 x Max Reps Stable Bar Dips- rest 90 sec.

B2. 3 x 8-12 Ring Rows (feet elevated)- rest 90 sec.

C. 5 Rounds for time of:

10 Sandbag Ground to Overhead-80/40

155m Sandbag Sprint (1 lap)

10 Sandbag Squats

155m Sprint (no sandbag)

*score- A= max push jerk, C= time


A. 10 min to establish a 2RM Mid-Hang Clean + 1 Jerk (2 UB Cleans, then 1 jerk)

B. EMOM for 5 min:

2 Mid Hang Cleans + 1 jerk@85% from part A.

C1. 4xME UB Muscle-ups w/ 3 sec static hold above rings every rep- rest 90 sec.

C2. Back Squat- 1×8@80%, 2×5@85%, 1×3@90%-rest 90 sec.

D. 7 Rounds of:

1:00 ME Wall Balls-20/14

:20 sec ME Box Jumps-24/20

:40 sec rest

*score- A= 2RM Mid Hang Clean + jerk
D= max wall balls and box jumps.

Thank you to Rachel for always posting her scores. Rachel is always good about posting her daily scores, how she feels, if she PR’ed, if weight felt heavy that day. I do enjoy when I get feed back on what we are doing and if it’s working! Keep it up Rachel.

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3 thoughts on “1/28/14 WOD

  1. Pr’d on the jerk today. I’m finally seeing some strength gains in my arms–yeah! Good luck Jen! Us 5 am-ers will miss you!

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