1/30/14 WOD

Everyday but today.


A. Complete For Time:

Row 1000m

Run 800m

Row 1000m

B1. 3 x 60 sec. Weighted Plank- heavy as possible; rest 60 sec.

B2. 3 x 8 Good Mornings (increase weight each round)- rest 60 sec.

C. 5-10 minutes Mobility Work (rollers, lacrosse balls, bands etc..)- do not neglect this part, you should always take some time after each day and work on areas that are tight.

Yoga– at 6am in small room upstairs.

CF Gymnastics– at 10am and 5:15pm.

Olympic Lifting- cancelled

Friday- we will be closed in the morning from 6-9am and evening from 2-8pm. If you need to get your workout fix for the day you can come from 9:30-1:00pm and complete the same workout the competitors are doing!

Saturday- we will be closed all day. Come see all the fun!

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