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Since no one writes down their scores anymore I would like people to use the comments on the WOD page to post theirs scores for the day.  No matter what group Function, Drive or Strength their is a purpose as to what we do.  It is nice to know if people are making progress.  Please post your scores!


A.  Front Squats- 65%x5, 70%x4, 75%x3, 80%x2, 85%x1- rest as needed.

B.  4 sets of:

10 Deadlifts- heavy as possible TnG reps

300m Row

-rest 1 min

C. 4 sets of:

10 Push Press- heavy as possible TnG reps

300m Row

-rest 1 min

*score- weight used for B and total time, weight used for C and total time.



A.  HBBS- 1×5@60%, 1×5@65%, 2X5@70%- rest 2 min

B1. Front Squat- 1×5@60%, 1×5@70%, 1×5@75%, 1×5@80%- rest 60 sec.

B2.  4 x 2 Bench Press- heavy as possible; rest 60 sec.

C1.  3 x ME Tempo Strict Pull-ups (3 count up, 3 count pause chin over, 3 count down, do NOT deviate from tempo)- rest 60 sec.

C2. 3 x 8 Weighted GH Raises (start position parallel to floor)- rest 60 sec.

*Score- weight used for A, B1, B2, max reps for C1.



Alactic Power- Parisi Speed School (6am, 5:30pm)

Maximal Strength

A.  9 x 3 Power Snatch @70%- rest 45 sec.

B.  2 x10 Close Grip Bench Press @67.5% then 1 set at 67.5% AMAP- rest 2 min

C.  Deadlift- 60/70/80 x 3 reps- rest 2 min

D1.  3 x 8-10 Supinated Pull-ups- rest 60 sec.

D2.  3 x 8-10 Reverse Hypers- very heavy; rest 60 sec.


A1.  2 x 10 Med Ball Around the Worlds- rest 30 sec.

A2.  2 x 10 Evil Wheels- rest 30 sec.


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7 thoughts on “1/3/14 WOD

  1. I don’t have a Facebook account, so hopefully I can just post my scores this way. For the row/dead lift rounds I did 143 pounds (i think…) and 12:00. Push press rounds were a puny 63 pounds and 14:20.

  2. Parisi done
    Snatch-95# all TNG
    Bench- 100#
    Skipped DL
    Pullups- 10#x2, 15# 8 ub all sets
    Reverse hypers done
    Midline done

  3. Unable to make Parisis. Did spin, great workout!!!
    A. 85# snatch
    B. 105# bench-11 or 12 max reps
    C. 170/200/235 deadlift
    D. 5/10/15# weight for pull-ups
    D2. Hypers done
    Midline done

  4. Parisi done. Bear crawl sled drags are wonderful!
    A. #170
    B. 2×10@ 265, 1 set 13 reps @ 265
    C. Deadlift 315, 355, 405
    D1. Weighted pull ups-45#
    D2. Hypers-done

  5. A. Parisi – Done
    B. 7 sled bear crawl – Done
    C. 3 Power Snatch 155–all TnG X 9
    D. Close Grip -225 x 10 x 2. ME – 7 reps with 225
    E. 8 Supine (45) + can’t remember name.
    –great experience. I’m enjoying this training because of how it makes me feel as if I’m training for the upcoming baseball season. It takes me back.

    I thought this was sick..

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