1/8/14 WOD


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For anyone that is currently doing the “Drive” or “Strength” workouts, this is what you are training for a Crossfit competition. You are not just EXERCISING you are TRAINING, big difference. Don’t make me start to call people out!


A. In 10 min, complete the following for time of:

Run 1000m (6 1/2 laps)

50 Alternating DB Snatch- 50/30

30 Pull-ups

B. Once clock hits 10 min, perform the following for time of:

12 Manmakers- 50/30
(push up, row, push up, row, squat clean, press)

*score- each rounds time completed.


A. 10 min to work to a heavy 3 reps Push Press

B. 4 sets for max reps of:

30 sec. Power Clean @ 60% of 1rm

-rest 90 sec.

C. For Time

Row 500m

Then do..


Wall Ball-20/15 (10’/9′)

C2B Pull-ups


A. 4-5 x 5 1 1/4 Front Squats @30X1- rest 2 min

B. Hang Squat Snatch (below knee)- 3,3,2,2,1,1- building, work technique.

C. 20 min AMRAP of:

Run 1 mile

150 Wall Balls-20/15 (10’/9′)

30 Muscle-ups

*notes- can separate “C” to an evening session if needed.

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6 thoughts on “1/8/14 WOD

  1. a. 9:29 rx on the weight but banded pull-ups.
    b. 6:32 ish rx on the weight. I went to scale the db weight and then saw Lindsay’s mug in my mind telling me I didn’t need to. I rx’d with no back-up weights sitting on the sidelines. Needless to say, the man-makers weren’t pretty. Ooh, and I can kip two whole pull-ups!

  2. A.Front Squat: 125×5/135×5-2 sets @145…did 5 reps but couldn’t do them unbroken. 1 1/4 makes it super tough.
    C.Completed 15 muscle ups

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