1/9/14 WOD


Good luck to Sheena this weekend at the OC Throwdown. Time to run with the big dogs, represent Sheena!


A. 5 min Row or AD warm-up @ 50-60%

B. 8 rounds of:

30 sec. AD Cals

5 Burpees

30 sec. Row

30 sec Prowler Push (10m down/10m back)-medium weight

5 Box Jumps-24/20

Run 1 lap

-rest 90 sec. b/t rounds.

C. 10 min to work on a mobility of your choice foam roll, lacrosse ball, bands etc..



A. 3 sets of:

5 Freestanding HSPU or 30 sec handstand holds (no wall)

15 Straddle v-ups- make sure to touch the ground with hands.

30 sec. Planche holds- feet on band alternate legs on band (15 sec right/15 sec left)

B. 6 rounds of:

8 UB T2B

6 Presses from butt on parallets or butt lifts

10 perfect push-ups

C. 3 rounds of:

Swim 50m

-rest 1:1

Swim 100m

-rest 1:1

Swim 200m

-rest 1:1

Olympic lifting- tonight at 6:15pm.

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