2011 Halloween WOD

A Happy Halloween, and a Happy Birthday to Kellie!  Here are some beautiful (???) family photos she wanted to share with you all.

The last one almost looks like a mug shot… Is there something you’re keeping from us?



Level I
For Time:
100 Squats
50 Ring Rows- false grip
50 KBS- 53m/35w
50 Sprinter Sit-ups
20 Wall Climbs
50 Cal Row
100 Double Unders
310 m Run

Level II (no scaling)
For Time:
30 Pistols
10 Rope Climbs- 20′
50 KBS-70/53
30 GHD Sit-ups
20 Wall Climbs
50 Cal Row
100 Double Unders
310 m Run


Reminder:  There will only be morning classes today.  All evening classes are canceled.  Also, Halloween costumes are encouraged for today’s WOD so let’s see the creativity!  We would also like to remind all athletes of the upcoming Fitness Elevated competition.  The Masters division events will be held here at CrossFit The Club, so get registered ASAP and let’s show Utah what we’re made of.  Register Here


CrossFit Endurance

Class will be at 6:00a.m. in the spin room.  Please arrive a bit early to get prepared.

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10 thoughts on “2011 Halloween WOD

  1. To one of my very favorite people….. Happy Birthday, with love & hope that it’s the best one you’ve had yet. You are gorgeous. I love you!

  2. I agree with everyone else… Kellie, you are a terrific person with a lust for life that is certainly contagious to everyone around you. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Kellie! When I posted my very nice picture of my wife Brody told me I was much nicer than he was going to be for your birthday – he held true to his word; those pictures are awesome! Have a great day!

  4. Thanks everyone. 🙂 the last picture was taken to show the down side of a short hair cut. Easy to get ready but horrible to wake up too. And to all the moms out there that tell your daughter she’s beautiful when clearly she’s not shame on you.

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