2/17/14 WOD




A. 4 sets of:

10 Front Squats @65% (5% higher then last week)

Sprint 310m

-rest 90 sec between sets.

B. 4 sets of:

20 KB/DB Step-ups- 53/35, 35/26

Row 310m

-rest 90 sec between sets.

-yes this is a repeat workout from last week, do it faster! Score- each individual times.


A. 10 minutes to work to a max 2-Position Snatch (hi-hang- shoulders even or slightly behind bar, contact with pelvis, Hang)

B. EMOM for 5:00 1- 2 Position Snatch @ 90% of above max.

C1. 3 x ME C2B Pull ups- rest 2:00

C2. 3 x 20 (steps) Front Rack Walking Lunges- heaviest possible w/ continuous stride- rest 2:00

D. For Time:


150 Wall Ball shots 20/15 (10″/9″)

-score- A & D

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2 thoughts on “2/17/14 WOD

  1. 7:07… It’s a PR, but wanted sub 7:00. I guess not enough. Should have watched the clock more. Sometimes that gives you the kick in the ass you need to dig deep.

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