2/18/14 WOD

Strong work to Adam last week with a 30lb PR on his Front Squat and a 25lb PR on his clean and jerk. He is also last weeks winner for posting his score on a daily basis on the whiteboard, keep it up Adam!


A. 5 min AMRAP of:

8 Box Jumps-24/20

8 Burpees

8 KBS-53/35

-consistent pace throughout.

-rest 5 min, then…

B. 10 min AMRAP of:

5 Power Cleans-95/65

5 Thrusters-95/65

10 AD Cals

-pick up the intensity from part A.

-rest 5 min, then…

C. 5 min AMRAP of:

10 DB Power Snatch- 50/30 (5 per arm)

10 Pull -ups

-100% intensity, unbroken sets if possible.

*score- Rounds+Reps for A, B, and C.


A. 10 min to work to a max 2-Position Clean (hi-hang at pelvis, hang) + 1 Jerk

B. EMOM for 5:00- 1 2 -Position Clean + 1 Jerk @85% of above max.

C1. 4×5 Weighted Ring Dips-heaviest possible- rest 90 sec.

C2. Back Squat- 1×8@75%, 1×5@80%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@90%- rest 90 sec.

D. For Time:

9 minutes to complete:

30 STO-95/65

20 Burpee Box Jumps-24/20

15 T2B

20 STO- 135/95

30 Burpee Box Jumps

15 T2B

ME STO-165/105 in time remaining.

*score- A & D.

Mondays WOD results.

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