2/22/14 WOD



In teams of 2 complete for times (against a running clock)

A. Run 465m (3 laps)

15 KB Snatch-53/35 (per arm)

20 T2B

-when clock hits 8:00 complete

B. Run 465m

15 Pull-ups

30 STO-115/75

-when clock hits 16:00 complete

C. Run 465m

30 HR Push-ups

60 Sit-ups

-when clock hits 24:00 complete

D. Row 500m

25 Burpees

50 Dips

*Athlete one will start first, second athlete will start at the 8 minute mark. Every 8 minutes athletes will move though A,B, C & D.

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One thought on “2/22/14 WOD

  1. Awesome workout, but even better music today! Nothing like a little Ledoux coming on towards the end of round three to pull you through!

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