2/25/13 WOD


Congratulations to everyone that completed the diet challenge, check out the winners of the challenge- click here.


A.  5 attempts to establish a 1RM; rest as needed.

1 Clean

3 Front Squats

1 Jerk

3 Back Squats

1 Behind the neck Jerk

*Reps must be unbroken, the bar may only rest in the front or back rack positions.


Open WOD 11.1

Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 10 min of:

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatch-75/55

*The Open is just 10 days away, so far we have 33 people registered.  Currently at CFTC we have about 220-250 athletes….33 really!  If you have not registered now is the time, do it today! Register here.

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