2/27/13 WOD


Lucas won the “Superior” award for his science project at Mt. Ogden Jr High recently.  His experiment was to see by doing crossfit workouts only, if that would increase his endurance.  His experiment was based on a 150 cal Airdyne challenge.  The first day of his experiment he rode the Airdyne for a 150 cals, his time was 18:06.  He then did crossfit workouts for the next five weeks, three days a week.  After five weeks of training his 150 cals Airdyne challenge was 17:13.  His experiment was a success!  Good work Lucas!


A.  EMOM for 14 min

Odd- 3 Power Cleans @75% of 1 RM

Even- 3 Bench Press @75% of 1RM.


AMRAP in 10 min of:

10 KBS

10 Box Jumps-24/20

10 Ring Dips

Recommended Weight

Level I- 53/35

Level II- 70/53


A.  3 x 12 Powel Raises (each arm)



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