2/27/14 WOD

That’s it, I am removing all toilets from the gym, you can thank me later….click here


A.  6 sets of:

1 min AD

1 min Row

1 min Jog

1 min Plank on Rings

1 min Bear Crawl

*If you have been everyday to Crossfit this week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then perform this workout at 60-70% effort-easy, restorative pace.  Those that have not go hard!

B.  Mobility/ Maintance- choose any mobility and work 10-15 min on it.  Need some ideas go to MobilityWOD.com

-Gymnastics at 10am and 5:15pm.

-Olympic Lifting at 6:15pm.





The Open starts today, we are locked and loaded for the best post workout recovery drink out there. Come get some!

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