3/1/14 WOD

The next open workout 14.2…some of the movement standards below, this is going to be brutal!



A. Team Running Cindy

-Two teams compete against each other for total Cindy rounds.

-while one team is running an 800m run together, the other team is completing as many Cindy rounds as possible of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

-when all members of the running team complete their 800m the teams switch.

-no partial rounds count

-each team member rotates through the Cindy movements.

Because of the open workouts that will be done on Fridays from now on we will miss some of our strength training days for the Drive group. So for the next 5 weeks you will have an option to complete on Saturday.

A1. Back Squat- 1×8@85%, 1×5@90%, 2×2@95%- rest 2:00

A2. Bench Press 4×5- work to a 5RM- rest 2:00

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