2/5/14 WOD


So proud of these two stepping up and competing in the Wild West Throwdown. We need more of our peeps to step up their game!


A. Complete 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time of:

Deadlift- LI-225/175, LII-275/205

Dips- LI- stable bar, LII- rings

Box Jumps- LI-24/20, LII-30/24

-rest 5 min, then..

B. 8 Rounds of:

1 min ME Row

1 min Rest

-for each row under 300m for men or 250m for women. It is a 10 Burpee penalty at the end of the workout.

*score- A=time, B= average row/penalties.


A. Take 12 min to build to a heavy Push Press

Followed by..

EMOM for 5 min- Split Jerk x 1 rep of heaviest push press from A.

-work on mechanics, hold at the top of jerk 1-2 seconds to assure proper position.

B. 8 sets of (total 32 minutes)

45 sec AD Cals

15 sec Rest

30 sec Strict HSPU

30 sec rest

45 sec Box Jump Overs-24/20

15 sec rest

30 sec Ring Dips

30 sec rest

C. For time:

100/75 Push-ups

*score- A=heaviest push press, B= total reps, C=time.

Where’s the drive group to good to post scores!

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