3/13/14 WOD


Who can find the first one?  The only stipulation is if you find a shirt and it is not your size you have to give it to another person in the class.


A.  10-15 min Skill Practice- take some time and have a coach help you practice a skill that you are lacking Pull-ups, HSPU, Double Unders etc…

*We also have two gymnastic classes on Thursday at 10am and 5:15pm each day intended to help practice your gymnastic skills.  There is no better coach then Sheena a former collegiate gymnast to learn from.  Practice makes perfect!

B.  6 sets of:

Row or AD Intervals

2 min max effort

60 sec @ 60-65% effort (keep wheel spinning)

C.  10-15 min Mobility Work- foam roll, lacrosse ball etc..


6am- Yoga in small room upstairs.

10am & 5:15pm- Gymnastics class

6:15pm- Olympic Lifting

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