3/14/13 WOD

batman robin


12 Rounds of:

Row 30 sec. Sprint 85-90% effort

Row 30 sec 50% effort


12 Rounds of:

AD 30 sec. Sprint 85-90% effort

AD 30 sec. 50% effort



Do Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday workouts


“Agile 8” ( if out of time do at least 1,2 & 3)

* Make sure rest days are active in terms of restorative modalities sitting on a couch is not a good choice.  Foam Rolling, Light Rowing, Stretching, Mobility Drills and massages should be employed whenever possible.

* Need to take a poll, please post to comments or let me know if you would like to see a yoga class specifically for crossfitters on Thursday nights?  We have a great yoga instructor that is willing to teach but I want people to take advantage of it.



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