3/23/13 WOD


Crossfit The Club started like this 4 years ago.

Crowded CFTC

Crossfit The Club 4 years later!

Travis Heather

And its all because of these two, thanks for everything Travis and Heather. 



“A Tribute To The Duggers”

*  Everyone needs to come and show your love to the Duggers so you will have to come to see what fun it will be…you may need to be prepared for the cold!




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2 thoughts on “3/23/13 WOD

  1. So freakin crazy! Loved crossfit then…love crossfit now! (I wanna jump on the tires again!) Thank you, Travis for believing in Lindsay! Good luck in your new adventures. Remember we are only a couple of cheap airline tickets away!

  2. I still remember Travis telling me to come try this CrossFit thing out for the first time. “You’ll look like the dudes in 300” he said. 1 day and I was hooked! Thanks Travis and Heather for everything!

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