3/24/13 WOD


Thank you to everyone that filled out a coaches evaluation, lots of feed back on how we can improve and we will do our best to make coming to a class a good experience.  We will also be implementing a new rule that will help our coaches coach and not clean up after each class.  For every piece of equipment that a coach has to pick up after a class is over there will be a burpee buy in the next day for every class.  The buy in will start at 20 and go up from there, please help us keep CFTC clean.  There is no better motivation then burpees!


A1.  3 x 10 RDL @3111- heaviest possible; rest 90 sec.

A2.  3 x 8 Close Grip Bench Press- heaviest possible; rest 90 sec.

B.  4 Rounds for times of:

10 KBS-53/35

10 Push-ups

20 KBS

20 Push-ups

-rest 4 min b/t rounds



A.  7 x 1 Snatch from Blocks (just above knee)- rest 90 sec.

B1.  3 x ME Strict HSPU- rest 90 sec.

B2.  3 x 20 (steps) BB OH Walking Lunges- rest 90 sec.

C.  For Time:

15 Thrusters- 135/95

5 Rope Climbs-15′

12 Thrusters

4 Rope Climbs

9 Thrusters

3 Rope Climbs

6 Thrusters

2 Rope Climbs

3 Thrusters

1 Rope Climbs

then…(no rest)

D. Run 800m for time

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