3/26/14 WOD

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A.  Push Press- build to the heaviest 3 reps possible in 10 minutes.

B.  EMOM for 12 min

Even Min- 6-8 Thrusters-75/55

Odd Min- 8-10 Slam Balls-30/20

-goal is to maintain highest rep total ( 8 Thrusters, 10 Slam Ball) and at the minimum (6 Thrusters, 8 Slam Ball) perfect score would be 108 reps.

C.  EMOM for 12 min

Even Min- 10 Burpees

Odd Min- 10 KBS- LI-53/35, LII-70/53

-goal is maintain all the reps through 12 min.



A.  2 sets, not for time of:

40 Double Unders

6 Alternating Pistols (each leg)

30-45 sec Nose to Wall HS Hold

B.  EMOM for 30 min

Min 1- 250/200 m Row (male/female)

Min 2- 8-10 HSPU

Min 3- 5 Power Snatches @75% (of 1RM Power Snatch)

-goal is maintain the reps within the given minute.

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