3/3/13 WOD


Happy Birthday Rich, you deserve a day off!


A.  3 x 3 Power Clean + 1 Clean- 60% of 1RM; rest 60 sec.

B.  3 x 3 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk- 60% of 1RM; rest 60 sec.


5 Rounds for total reps of:

1 min to complete 5 Power Cleans-135/85

– with the remainder of the minute complete:

ME Split Jerks-135/85

1 min Burpees


A.  2 sets of:

2 min max sit-ups; rest 2 min

* This is the first week of the 2013 Crossfit Games Open, workouts will be release on Wednesday night and we will plan on programming them into our Friday workouts.  You will also have the option if you need it to complete the workout on Saturday, scores need to be submitted by Sunday night at 6pm.  As far as the programming goes for the next 5 weeks we will do our heavy lifting with a lot more volume on Monday’s and Tuesday’s then start to taper for Friday.  We will add more lifting options to our Saturday workouts to stay up on our strength through the open. 

As of today we have 48 people signed up for the open, there are a lot more people out there sitting on the fence and have not yet signed up.  I see countless people coming to crossfit to train for a 5k or a marathon but when a crossfit event comes they are adamant there is no way they will do it.  Guess what you do crossfit everyday, you are already prepared for whatever workout the open will put out.  It’s not to late the time is now, take the challenge to do something you have never done before and challenge yourself! Click here to register.  Remember there will be prizes drawn each week for being registered and completing the open workouts!



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