3/3/14 WOD


Be sure to be on time for classes, group warm-up start at 5 after.


A. Clean gauntlet- every 75 sec- 1 rep (increase 10# per set, max 8 sets)

-start at medium load, sets 6-8 should be vary challenging.

B. For 30 min- rotate through the following three stations on the minute:

Min 1- 45 sec of AD- hard, max Cals!

Min 2- 15 Wall Ball-20/15 (10’/9′)

Min 3- 10/8 Stationary Dips (full ROM, slight pause at top)

-you’ll hit each of these stations 10 times.

-score- A= max weight, B= AD Cals


A. 5 x 1 Snatch From Blocks (just above knee) work to heavy single- rest 90 sec.

B1. 3×5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Press- rest 90 sec.

B2. 3×3 Snatch First Pulls (3 count pause at knee, maintain back angle)-110-120%- rest 90 sec.

C1. 3xME C2B Pull-ups- rest 2:00

C2. 3×10 (steps) BB OH Walking Lunges- heavy as possible- rest 2:00

D. 5x500m Row- rest 1:1

-score A= max snatch from blocks, D= each 500m row time.

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