3/6/14 WOD

A little background on the Kill Cliff Recovery drink we now have stacked in our fridge. Kill Cliff was produced by a former Navy Seal Todd Ehrlich. Enrlich set out to create a drink akin to a natural “liquid ibuprofen”, it is not an energy drink. As stated on their website, “Kill Cliff Recovery Drink is a lightly carbonated beverage formulated with anti-inflammation supporting ingredients and electrolytes without all the empty caloric content found in energy drinks. Its formula is based on the theory that reducing inflammation is an integral part of recovering from strenuous exercise and physical exertion”.
Get yours today!


A. Unbroken KBS ladder for time:

-choose a weight that is going to be challenging and see if you can complete ladder unbroken.

B. For Max Meters

Row 4 min

-rest 4 min

Row 2 min

-rest 2 min

Row 1 min

C. 5-10 minutes mobility work.

YOGA– the regular 6am yoga class will be cancelled this week.

CF Gymnastics– at 10am and 5:15pm.

Olympic Lifting- at 6:15 pm (we need more people to take advantage of this class)

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