4/1/14 WOD


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A1. 5 x 4 Tempo Back Squat- heaviest possible w/ 3 count pause at bottom- rest 90 sec.

A2.  5 x 2-3 Weighted Ring Pull-ups @41X1- heaviest possible remaining at tempo- rest 90 sec.

B2.  4 x 5 Close Grip Bench Press- heaviest possible- rest 90 sec.

B2.  4 x 5 Pendlay Row @31X0- heaviest possible remaining at tempo- rest 90 sec.

C.  For Time:

AD 100 Cals

20 TGU’s- 53/35

155m Farmers Carry- 70/53 (each hand)

30 GHD Sit-ups



A.  5 x 1 Clean from blocks (just above knee)+ Jerk- work to max for the day- rest 90 sec.

B.  Back Squat- 1 attempt to establish a 20RM- rest 1:00 ( before attempting C)

-add approx 5-10# to last weeks number but do not go heavy enough to fail.

C.  Front Squat- max reps @ 100% of part B.

D.  3 Rounds for times of:

Row 1K

20 T2B

-rest .5:1 (rest half the length of the round)


3-31-14 WOD Results



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