4/15/13 WOD



This is the start of a new 6 week basic rep cycle that uses a lot of triples and doubles in the classic lifts with plenty if squatting and pulling strength work. Be sure to pay close attention to your percentages as they progress through the 6 week progression. As always strength is always optional, if you choose not to follow strength take 10-15 minutes with the movement of the day and work on your technique (light and perfect).

A. 5 x 3 Snatch- technique work, don’t go past 70% of 1RM; rest 60 sec.

B. 5 x 4 Snatch Pull @ 85% (of snatch); rest 60 sec.

C. 5 x 5 Pause Back Squat @ 65%; rest 60-90 sec.


For Time:

100 Double Unders

155 m Farmers Carry- heavy as possible.

30 Pull-ups

155 m Farmers Carry

30 Pull-ups

155 m Farmers Carry

100 Double Unders


REMINDER- yoga starts this week at 7:30pm on Thursday and Gymnastics start on Saturday at 10:30am. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these classes!

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