4/16/13 WOD

DSCN0005 Stacey M

Happy 40th Stacey M. Look at all those muscles!  Your 40th is an FY day!


A.  Jerk Behind the Neck- build to a heavy single, then 80% of heavy single 3 x 1; rest as needed.

B.  3 x 5 Push Press @ 70%; rest 90 sec.


“300 FY”

As many cals as possible in 10 min


A1.  3 x 5 (5R/5L) TGU- 53/35; rest 45 sec.

A2.  3 x 20 UB GHD Sit-ups; rest 45 sec.

tyson press

Thank your coach and friend Tyson today is his last day before he moves to SLC.


4/15/13 WOD Results

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5 thoughts on “4/16/13 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday Stacy!! You’re going to love your 40’s!! Thanks for being such an amazing person! Love ya girl :)….

    Good luck Tyson!!

  2. Happy 40th Stacy! You are joining a very elite group:o) Enjoy your day and thank you for always being my Xfit cheerleader!!

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