4/17/14 WOD


EVA….THAT Bit#@!


A. Row intervals 10x250m

-record average time for all intervals, this is an all out effort.

-rest for 5x (interval time) after each row interval.

B. 3 rounds w/ 25lb/ 15lb plate

20 Sit-ups

30 Russian Twist- balance on butt (feet up) touching plate side to side.

20 Toe Touches- feet extended, touch plate to toes.

Then do…

50 Scissor Buy-out

-hold plate locked out overhead, while feet scissor, 4 count (ex. 1,2,3,4= 1 rep)

Yoga- 6am in small room upstairs.

Gymnastics- 10am and 5:15pm.

Olympic Lifting- 6:15pm.

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