4/19/10 WOD



 Man, that white boy can jump!



Push/Split Jerk- 5 x 3

rest 90 sec.

Max Ring Dips- 5 sets



For Time:

“Donkey Kong”


SDHP- 95m/65w

KB Swing- 53m/ 35w

Box Jumps- 24″


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6 thoughts on “4/19/10 WOD

  1. OH YES HE CAN! Watchin Travis box jump is unbelievable! We had great classes this morning 5-7 am…..THINK EXPLOSIVE! It’s a pretty short workout in terms of time, but challenging. Have fun, see ya there!

  2. PS go under ‘Discussion Board’ then “Events & Challenges’ and let’s hear about how you’re doing in the swimsuit challenge!

  3. EXPLOSIVE is right Bitty! These shorter ones make for great opportunities to challenge yourself. Add a little more weight… Jump a higher box… Strap a vest on. Whatever you do, Just remember to keep that form/range of motion and explode with everything you’ve got.

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