4/2/13 WOD



It’s Crossfit Love!  In case you haven’t heard James and Shay are getting married.  Shay wanted me to post the following;

“James and I would love everyone from CFTC to be a part of our special day as we think of you all as family.  However, we do need a good idea of how many people to expect ahead of time.  If you are available on Friday June 21st and would like to spend the evening with us, please send your mailing address to me at shay_h3@yahoo.com

Thanks Shay”


HBBS- establish a new 1RM; rest as needed.


1 min ME KBS-70/53

*Rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP of:

7 Front Squats @ 70%

100m Shuttle Run (10m increments)

9 C2B Pull-ups (adv. 3 Muscle-ups)

*Rest 1 min

1 min ME KBS- 70/53

*Rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP of:

7 Front Squats @70%

100 m Shuttle Run

9 C2B Pull-ups (adv. 3 muscle ups)

*Rest 1 min

1 min ME KBS-70/53


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