4/22/14 WOD


A. 3 Rounds, not for time:

10 Strict Ring Pull-ups (touch thumbs to chest)

10 Stable Bar Dips

B. 6 rounds for max reps:

15 sec KBS- LI-53/35, LII-70/53

15 sec Burpees

30 sec Cal Row

C. 400m Farmers Carry-70/53 (each hand)

-sprint on part B record total reps,immediately following last row complete 400m Farmers Carry


A. 7 x 1 Clean from blocks (just above knee) + Jerk- work to a max for the day- rest 90 sec.

B. Back Squat- 1 x 20 establish a true 20 rep max.

C. In 9 minutes complete

Run 1 mile for time (10.5 laps)

-AMRAP T2B in time remaining.

*score- B= 20RM Back Squat, C= mile time and total t2b

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One thought on “4/22/14 WOD

  1. Lindsay, thanks for bringing back the group warm up…love it! The classes feel more organized and it helps better prepare us for the wod.

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