4/7/14 WOD


Just another reminder we will be adding back our Regular 10am class along with a new Crossfit Lite classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am. We also have Lite classes at 7:30pm on Tuesday, 6pm on Thursday and 10:30am on Saturday if you know anyone that has been wanting to try out crossfit but thinks it is to intimidating, this class would be a perfect fit.


A1. 3 x 5 Back Squat @30X1 heavier then the past couple weeks, don’t count warm-up sets; rest 90 sec.

A2. 3 x 12 DB/KB Bentover Row (each arm)-heavy! Rest 90 sec.

B. 60 Front Rack Step-ups for time-95/65

-step up to 24″ box men, 20″ box females. Try not to let trail leg touch box before hips are fully extended on top of box.

C. Tabata AD for max Cals- 4 min (8 sets)- 20 sec on / 10 sec off


A. 5 x 2 Snatch from blocks (just above knee)- work to heavy double- rest 90 sec.

B1. 3 x 3 Snatch Grip BTN Push Press + 2 OHS- heavier then last week- rest 90 sec.

B2. 3 x 3 Three Stop Snatch Pull (w/ 2 count pause at each stop)- rest 90 sec.

C. 30 min AMRAP of:

Run 800m (5 laps)

4/3 Muscle-ups

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