5/29/14 WOD


Southwest Regional’s are set to start this Friday all team events will start in the morning at 9am, events and schedule can be found here:


Class schedule will be modified a little this week, we will be canceling Thursday’s 5pm Gymnastics class and Friday’s 9 and 10am classes, also Saturday we will only have the 7:30 and 8:30am classes. Be sure to come down and support our CFTC team, we will wear different shirt colors each day (Friday= red) will post color for each day on blog, come down and cheer loud our team needs you!


A. For Time:

Row 50 Cals

Rest 4 min

Row 40 Cals

Rest 3 min

Row 30 Cals

Rest 2 min

Row 20 Cals

Rest 1 min

Row 10 Cals

B. 3 Rounds with 35/25 lb plate, not for time:

20 Weighted Sit-ups- press plate above head at top of sit-up.

30 Russian Twist- touch plate side to side, feet elevated. Over and back= 1 rep

20 Toe Touches- touch plate to toes

Then after last round, cash out with:

50 Flutter Kicks- hold plate locked out overhead, 4 count kicks 1,2,3,4= 1 rep

C. Flexibility Program- posted on small whiteboard.

Yoga- cancelled

Gymnastics- 10am only

Olympic Lifting- cancelled

*there will be a late 6:15pm crossfit lite class.

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One thought on “5/29/14 WOD

  1. For those people that preordered shirts you can pick up shirts at the wodlove tent down at
    Regionals. If you are not planning on attending you will be able to pick them up Monday.

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