5/31/13 WOD


Here comes the smolder… So proud of all of you competing, the time, the sacrifice, the dedication, the will power… All of it is on the table now! Go kick A$$!!! And a big LOUD shout out to Jana, Dustin, Julie, Chew, & Tory. You guys deserve some credit, I know how hard it’s been supporting these guys. Thanks for your patience so we can all go watch team Cftc kill it this weekend!!!  ~ Mindi Dixon

*end of cycle testing:
A. Back squat- find 1RM.
Event 5 CrossFit games regionals
21-15-9 reps for time of:
30″ Box jump
A1. 3×20 reverse hypers; rest 45 sec.
A2. 3x ME L-sits; rest 45 sec.

Friday- regular schedule
Saturday- only 1 class at 9:30am

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