5/9/13 WOD



Choose one…

A. 3 Rounds for max distance of:

Row 3 min

Rest 3 min

B. 2 Rounds for time of:

Figure 8 Hill Run

C. Swim 8 x 50 m

Rest 30 sec b/t intervals


MAKE-UP DAY (Mon, Tues, Wed)

GYMNASTICS CLASS- will be change for THIS WEEK ONLY to Friday at 10am. Highly recommend making an effort to attend either the Saturday or Thursday classes it’s great for core strength as well as becoming better at all the gymnastic skills (hspu, pull-ups etc..)

YOGA/MOBILITY– tonight at 7:30pm, its been a tough week so far go in and work your mobility.


05/08/13 WOD Results

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