5/9/14 WOD


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A.  Strict Press + Push Press + Jerk

-start with strict press, when you can no longer strict press the weight continue with Push Press, when you can no longer Push Press continue to a 1RM Jerk.

B.  AMRAP in 12 min

25 V-Ups

5 DB Man-Makers- 50/30 (each hand)

200m Row

-Rest 6 min

C.  AMRAP in 12 min

60 sec Plank on Rings

12 OH Walking Lunge-45/25

5 Strict Pull-ups



A.  Jerk- work to a 1RM then, 95%x1, 90%x1- rest as needed.

B1.  Bentover Row- 5×4 @75-80% (of clean max)- rest 60-90 sec.

B2.  Push Press- 5×4 @90% of Mondays 4RM- rest 60-90 sec.

C1.  3 Rounds for max distance

1 min Prowler Push (20 yds)-225/135

1 min Rest

C2.  After 1 min rest complete

3 Rounds for time of:

10 Clean and Jerks-135/95

20 Lateral Burpee Bar Hops


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