6/17/13 WOD

Crowded CFTC

Changes are coming, starting this week we will slowly start the remodeling process and relocating the CF area to the back where the kids zone is and laying AstroTurf down where the CF area is now. This may be an inconvenience at first but a new area will be better in the long run. When the new area is finally finished there will be some changes in the schedule and the programs we will have to offer for everyone. There will be a flyer handed out in class in the future that will explain the schedule and the programs, for the most part the schedule will remain the same but there will be more “open gym” time. What is “open gym”? Open gym is where there will be a coach to coach the movements and help with any questions but there will not be an organized start time, you will have anytime in the designated “open gym” time to get your workout done.

The new programming for “THE CLUB”

This has come about in viewing progression of individuals over the years and will allow 3 different user levels to experience progression as well as allow them to set goals based on where they sit and what they want to achieve.

The idea is to provide the right stimulus, knowing your current fitness level, you will respond differently to the training program.

Group 1- Function

Group 2- Drive

Group 3- Strength

Group 1- Function

Learn about training strength, energy systems, balance your fitness understanding and creating an awareness as to what works best for you, how to do the program, create balance between living and training.

Goal is to get to the “Drive” level over time. How much time? As long as needed, or you may never want too, only when you feel ready to take the next step.

Some things you should be comfortable with: Slow lifts (squats, deadlift, presses), basic gymnastics (pull-ups, dips etc), working hard, consistent schedule, at this level, strength as a base and sound conditioning principles is key for variation.

This is an intro for all new people to the program and a place to develop a great base. As coaches we may recommend that some people that are currently doing crossfit now, go back to the function group and learn more, where we as coaches can help individuals practice more to achieve their goals quicker. In the past we have had so many people, it was hard to teach properly the progressions to learn movements properly now you will learm more!

Group 2- Drive

Upgrade your fitness, have a plan and a direction for the first time in taking the sets, reps, energy system training to a new level of understanding, spending time on the areas in which you need more work, learning to push harder and balance your fitness to develop a more well-rounded fitness base.

To be at in this group you should be comfortable with: variation, all slow lifts, all gymnastics, all Olympic lifting, at this level strength is built. Goal if you sit here is to get to the “Strength” level when you feel the step is necessary or remain here and develop yourself to the fullest.

This is a stable place to train and live and take your fitness to a new level!

Group 3 “Strength”

Full time fitness athlete, priority is strength, testing then improving on that, then retesting again. You will have a large base of training which allows a life that leads into making fitness and competing a full time gig. As for the fitness; detailed phases of training, volume generally higher, skill work is based at higher loads, intensities, sound knowledge of your own engine is key, recovery is your 2nd full time job, your food is 100% always at this level. You should have advanced gymnastic skills, have participated in high level fitness/sport, have one event per year that is a big one for you, and smaller preparatory events throughout.

If you love lifting heavy, always striving to get stronger and being pushed harder then this is the level for you!


A. 3 x 5 HBBS (goal is to add 5lbs to your back squat each time you do it after the first week) rest as needed.

B. 3 x 5 Bench Press (goal is to add 5lbs to your bench press each time you do it, after the first week) rest as needed.


Please bring your own stop watch if you have one!

4 Rounds of:

Uphill Sprint (approx. 600m)

*rest 1 min

Downhill Jog

*rest 1 min


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