6/19/13 WOD


Alright all you summer slackers that aren’t coming to crossfit, get your butt to crossfit or you’ll have to answer to this guy!


A. 3 x 5 Front Squats- build to heaviest for the day; rest as needed.

B. 3 x 5 Military Press- build to heaviest for the day; rest as needed.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 min of:

3 Power Snatch- 115/75

6 Box Jumps- 24/20

9 HR Push-ups

* Rest 1 min, repeat for a total of 5 rounds.


A1. 3 x 20 Banded Sit-ups; rest 45 sec.

A2. 3 x 20 Banded GM; rest 45 sec.

A3. 3 x ME L- Sits; rest 45 sec.


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2 thoughts on “6/19/13 WOD

  1. All right kids: CFTC Annual Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, July 27th at Sun Hills Golf Course in Layton! We are working on exact times, but we are looking at starting around 11am or 12pm – we will let you know shortly. Cost will be around $25 per golfer and this includes 9 holes, cart, and everything for the BBQ except for the meat (bring your own meat to grill – there is a grill there). Signup sheet will be in the Crossfit area starting tomorrow. Now, as previously mentioned we had a GREAT turn out last year, but tons of people did not sign up until the last minute which is great they came, BUT if we would have known that many people were coming we could have done a “Shotgun” start which means we can all start at different holes at the same time and finish the 9 holes so we all start and finish at the same time – makes it faster, easier, and enables everyone to be at the BBQ at the same time! So – everyone please sign up NOW! You do NOT have to be a golfer – there were complete crappy golfers last year (OK, me!) and it does not matter; it was super, super fun! Just come and laugh with us.

    Now, we NEED prizes donated: last year we had some really, really good prizes donated from several people. There were food gift certificates, a night stay at the Alaskan Inn, shopping gift certificates, free Crossfit memberships, free gym memberships, etc., etc. These are given out through a random drawing and not to the best golfers – so anyone can win. BUT – we need the prizes; please message me or let me know what you can donate for a prize so we can put you down. So far we have super awesome Brody Jerman donating some RX Muscle Repair and I know Brock Thurgood is going to bring some stuff, but we need more! Come on guys, dig deep!

    Again – sign up now! Have a super day everyone!

  2. OK everyone: Golf Tournament will start at 9am on Saturday, June 27th at Sun Hills Golf Course! This will be perfect timing so that we finish up and ready for lunch time. Sign up tomorrow above the drinking fountain in the Crossfit area! Woohoo!

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