6/2/14 WOD

regionals 2014

Finally after 4 years of attempting to accomplish our goals, we finally broke through.  Nice work to our team that competed Chris P., Autumn, Sheena, Dave, Chase, Blake and those that pushed our team behind the scenes in the gym as alternates Tony and Jen, now on to the games!


A1.  4 x 2 Front Squat- make it set challenging; rest 60 sec.

A2.  4 x 3 Supinated Pull-ups (weighted if possible)- rest 60 sec.

B1.  5 x 5 DB/KB Bentover Row (each arm)- heavy as possible each set; rest 60 sec.

B2.  3 x 10 GH Raises- rest 60 sec.

C.  4 sets for times of:

Row 500m

-rest 3:00 between sets, each set should be an all out sprint!



A.  10 min to work to a 2RM Split Jerk, then do 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%- rest 90 sec.

B.  EMOM for 5 min- 2 Cleans (squat) @90% of 2RM from A.

C.  For Time:

9 Seated Strict Ring Pull-ups

25 T2B

25 Wall Balls-20/15 (10’/9′)

9 Seated Strict Pull-ups

25 T2B

25 Wall Ball

9 Seated Strict Pull-ups

-to perform a seated strict ring pull-up, begin in a seated position with the rings at the height of full arm extension.  Perform a strict pull-up, with heels coming off the ground before butt does.



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