6/23/14 WOD


The Saturday Team champs (self proclaimed) are calling anyone out that wants to come and test their fitness level against the champs, come to the 7:30am class on Saturday.


A.  Back Squat- 3,2,1,3,2,1- rest 3 min

-second 3,2,1 should be more weight then the first set.

B.  EMOM for 6 min

4 Pull-ups

5 Box Jumps-24″

C.  5 sets for times of:

Row 200m

Run 155m (1 lap)

Plank on Rings 30 sec.

-rest 90 sec b/t sets



A.  15 minutes to work to a 2RM Clean & Jerk (not TnG) then do 1×1@95%, 1×1@90%

B.  For Time:

30 Shoulder Touches

100 KB Snatch-53/35 (50R/50L)

200′ Burpee Broad Jumps- (50′ sections, 16yds x 4)

30 Shoulder Touches

*if you can HS Walk, perform a 50′ HS Walk instead of shoulder touches

C.  3 sets, not for time:

5-8 Evil Wheels w/ 5 sec pause (at bottom) each rep

15 sec L-Sit

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