6/27/13 WOD



“CF Football 300yd conditioning test”

Three (3) 300 yard Shuttle Runs

*rest 5 min between efforts

Six (6) 50 yard shuttles

*To pass conditioning test:

Less then 200lbs- 60 seconds and below average

200-250lbs- 65 seconds and below average


Make-up Day

– Because of construction we will not be able to have a make-up day today, going outside for shuttles come and run!

OLYMPIC LIFTING- we will still have Olympic lifting at 6:15pm will just have to deal with the inconvenience of the construction.


YOGA- will be cancelled this week, everyone be sure to get some kind of mobility work done today. Do the “Agile 8” or choose a mobility from Kelly Starrett’s Mobilty WOD.



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