7/10/14 WOD

WOD Results 070914 Fran

Benchmark Wednesday’s Fran results.  A lot of people don’t write scores down on board anymore but had a lot of really good personal records.


A.  12 min AMRAP

155m Farmers Walk- heaviest possible

10 Box Jumps w/ step down- 30/24

20 Double Unders

B. 5 sets of:

250m Row Sprints

-Rest 2 min

-goal on 12 minute amrap is continuous movement, so pace accordingly.

C.  10 min Mobility Session- do not neglect! or go to Yoga!  Foam Roll, Lacrosse Ball etc…


YOGA- 6am and 6:15pm

Gymnastics- 10am and 5:15pm

Olympic Lifting- will be cancelled.

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