7/1/13 WOD

Challenge Winners

Deleany Challenge winner


Delaney and Rose most improved overall winners!

Barry Daniels most improved lifts – snatch 165 to 175 – back squat 345 to 365 – clean and jerk 195 to 225. Awesome!!! Sometimes putting a little pressure on ourselves is just what we need to really improve. Keep it up Barry!

Lisa Stoufferan best food journal -Lisa is a very disciplined eater!! She did not cheat once although she had many opportunities. Went on a weekend to the cabin with friends, didn’t cheat. Helped at the Ogden Marathon, didn’t cheat. Her baby graduated from high school, didn’t cheat. This was a very stressful month for Lisa. She stuck with Paleo the whole 40 days amazing work Lisa!

Jodie Larsen most improved conditioning- she had taken some time off of Crossfit so her cardio had really dropped. Her first time was 36:10 her second time was 25:50. His is a true testament that Crossfit really does improve a person cardiovascular ability. Nice work Jodie.

Great Job to all those that participated!


A. 3 x 5 Back Squat- build to heaviest as possible; rest as needed.

B. 3 x 5 Bench Press- build to heaviest as possible; rest as needed.

* Goal is to add 5lbs from last week. If you miss or not able to add 5lbs reset, take 90% of current 5 rep max and work back up from that point.


5 Rounds for reps/cals of:

30 sec. ME AD Cals

30 sec Rest

30 sec. ME KBS- 70/53

30 sec Rest

30 sec. ME HR Push-ups

30 sec Rest


* We are still in the construction phase but moving slowly, turf will be laid down by the 8th of July. Starting in August the new programs and class times will change a little bit, flyers will be past out in class with descriptions of the programs with new times.

REMEMBER- CF Gymnastics will now be Monday’s at 10:00am and Thursday mornings at 5:15pm.

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3 thoughts on “7/1/13 WOD

  1. Congratulations Delaney, Rose, Barry, Lisa & Jodie – That 40 days seemed like forever, so way to stick with it and what awesome results by everyone, whether we won or not! For everyone who participated in the challenge we all won something in a longer life and better health. Keep on sweating out your awesomeness!!

  2. Well put Julie!! Just a side note I forgot to give to Lindsay some information about Rose and Delany.

    Rose lost 9 pounds for a total of about 6% of her body weight!! She also lost 6.5 inches off of her body taking about 27% of her total body away!!!

    Delany lost 17 pounds for a total of approximately 8% of his body weight!! WOW! He also lost about 7 inches off of his body taking away about 25%.

    Amazing work to all of the participants, for the 20 people who ended up lasting the full 40 days there were 120 pounds lost and a total of 93 inches!!!

  3. Very impressive! Congrats to all for putting forth the drive and dedication to accomplish something that improves your life on so many levels. Nothing but admiration from this guy 😉 Keep it up!

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