7/18/14 WOD


Before Reebok came along they had sectionals then regionals. We where the first to host in Utah.


A. Hang Clean + Clean- every 75 seconds; build over the coarse of 8 sets.

B. 3 sets of:

Run 400m (3,2,3 laps)

10 Curtis P’s-95/65 (clean+lunge R+ lunge L+ push press)

155m Farmers Walk-53/35

20 Pull-ups

– rest 3 min b/t sets

-score times for each set.


A. 5 x 3 Pause Back Squat (3 sec pause)- work up to a max triple for the day.

B. 4 Sets of:

Run 400m

9 STO- 135/95

15 C2B Pull-ups

21 Deadlifts-135/95

-rest 1 min b/t sets

-score times for each set.


A. 3 x 12 Reverse Hypers- AHAP

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